Bearing Much Fruit – 200th Anniversary Ministry Initiatives

Bearing Much Fruit – 200th Anniversary Ministry Initiatives

Sow 200 Seeds: we will perform at least 200 acts of kindness done in the name of Jesus. Do them as the Spirit provides the opportunity or, feel free to take a suggestion from the basket on the display table if you need some suggestions. Every time someone shares an act of kindness, we’ll add fruit to our vine display.

Grow 200 Plants: we will build relationships with 200 new people in our mission field. They may not attend worship right away, but our is for them to know who He is and who we are.

Share 200 Bushels: we will share the stories of people who have been touched by the ministry of this church over the years so that people understand the difference Jesus makes and being part of a faith community can make.

Reap One Great Harvest: We will pledge 200.00 or save whatever we can over the next 200 days. This offering will be shared among a ministry of the Upper New York Annual Conference and Jericho Road.

Anyone can join us in these ministry efforts as we seek to glorify God for what God has done in, through, and around us. If you’d like more information feel free to contact us.