Ash Wednesday Service Tonight!

Ash Wednesday Service Tonight!

Have you ever wondered why people do this? What difference does it make?

Ash Wednesday begins the season of Lent. Lent marks the time that Jesus faced temptations from the devil in the wilderness before He started his public ministry. Christians observe this season by sacrificing something because Jesus fasted while he was in the desert. Rather than giving something up, others try to begin a new good habit that they’ve been hesitant to start.

Ash Wednesday begins this season. The ashes remind us that we are mortal. These human bodies will die one day. It also reminds us that we are sinners. Everyone makes choices that go against God’s will. We do things God doesn’t want us to do, and we don’t do things that God does want us to do. We may not all sin the same way, but we all sin. Confronting this reality reminds us of our need for Christ and our need to change.

We hope that you might join us tonight at 7:00 to experience how God might move in your heart.