Worship with us today – January 30

Worship with us today – January 30

Many of us have played truth or dare. You have to answer a difficult question or do something risky. In some ways, being a follower of Jesus in a non-believing world is like living truth and dare. When people discover that you feel or act differently than the world, there is a price to pay. Can we risk those hard conversations and choices? Will we choose faith and love even when they happen? These are choices that Jesus faced as well. Find out how we can learn from his example this morning.   Click here to join us live on Facebook or watch any time of Facebook or Youtube.  

Here is some information to help you participate if you’re joining us online:

  • The response to our interactive opening prayer is, “Speak Lord! We need to hear Your truth.”
  • Today’s songs are “Are Ye Able” and “God Will Take Care of You” Look up the words online, and you can sing along.
  •  The scripture reading is Luke 4:21=30.
  • Please let us know how God is moving in your life. You can leave a celebration and/or prayer request in the comment section so that we can celebrate God’s kindness and discern God’s will with you.
  • Share an offering in our app in Givelify or send a check to the church.

We’re looking forward to worshipping with you. Have a blessed Lord’s day, everyone!