Looking for God in your struggle? Join us this morning

Looking for God in your struggle? Join us this morning

One of the worst lies in the world is that Christians don’t have any problems. This lie leads to disappointment when people experience challenges in life. However, the truth of God is that God is with us even in our times of trouble. In fact, God can be working on something amazing while we are in our struggle. This week we will be using the story of Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father, to look at the fact that your journey has dreams and nightmares. Joseph’s journey has lessons that can help us with ours. Join us for week two of our series, The Journey – It Has Dreams and Nightmares

We’ll be live on Facebook at 11:00, or you can watch at any time on Facebook or Youtube.  Click here for the video

Here is some information to help you participate if you’re joining us online:

  • The response to our interactive opening prayer is, “God’s mercy prevail.”
  • Today’s songs are “He Has Made Me Glad” and “Emmanuel, Emmanuel.” Look up the words online, and you can sing along.
  •  The Bible reading is Matthew 1:18-25.
  • Please let us know how God is moving in your life. You can leave a celebration and/or prayer request in the comment section so that we can celebrate God’s kindness and discern God’s will with you.
  • Share an offering in our app in Givelify or send a check to the church.

We’re looking forward to worshipping with you. Have a blessed Lord’s day, everyone!