Are you fighting information overload? God makes a difference.

Are you fighting information overload? God makes a difference.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with information? With the internet and social media, we’re receiving new messages constantly. This amount of input only adds to our stress, anxiety, and confusion. We have to be able to sort through all of it to know what deserves our focus. This morning we’re talking about focusing on God will help us hear what matters. Jesus taught a lesson about how letting the right things take root in our hearts matters. Join us to learn how to “Let God Be Your Gardener.” 

 We’ll be live on Facebook at 11:00, or you can watch at any time on Facebook or Youtube.  Click here for the video

Here is some information to help you participate if you’re joining us online:

  • The response to our interactive opening prayer is, “Come, let us worship our Creator!”
  • The songs are “Wonderful Words of Life ” and “Hymn of Promise.” Look up the words online, and you can sing along.
  •  The Bible reading is Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23.
  • Share a prayer request in the comments. It can be a praise for God doing something good in your life or a challenge where you hope to see God move in a particular way. Please let us know how God is moving in your life. 
  • Share an offering in our app in Givelify or send a check to the church.

We’re looking forward to worshipping with you. Have a blessed Lord’s day, everyone!