Bible Sudy on Healing Tonight

Is anyone among you sick? – This line from James 5:14 begins a passage of scripture that many have trusted for centuries. Tonight, our Bible Study continues a conversation about healing. We’ll be focused on the healing ministry of Jesus and the need for healing in our lives. Join us tonight at 7:00 for a rich conversation that could bring you closer to God.

Join us for Bible Study tonight!

Life has so many challenges and questions, and many folks are looking for ways to handle what’s happening more effectively. One way to address some of the questions or difficulties in your life is to find out what God says about these things. You’re invited to join a safe space where people can talk or just listen to how God’s word speaks to our joys and concerns. We start at the church at 7:00. Everyone is welcome, whether you’ve never opened a bible or whether you’ve read it through several times. Everyone means EVERYONE! We’re a safe and welcoming community.


Looking for something fun, free, and easy to do this weekend? Join your friends and neighbors in the area of Baynes and Potomac on the West Side for a free community picnic at the church. There will be games, bounce houses, and plenty of good food. It’s a great way to spend some time on a Saturday afternoon.

Join us at the corner of Baynes and Potomac from 3:00 to 6:00.

Community Dinner on July 24th

On Wednesday, July 24th, we’re having a community dinner. There will be plenty of great food and conversation. These dinners are totally free, and everyone is invited to join in the fun. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and strengthen our community. The dinner begins at 6:00. ALL ARE WELCOME!

Join us tonight for Bible Study

Friends, we’re excited for another great night of studying God’s word. If you’ve tried Bible studies before but found them difficult to understand or irrelevant to your life, you should spend some time with us. Our conversations are engaging, honest, and practical. We’ll gather tonight at 7:00. Come and enjoy!

Bible Study on Wednesday June 26

We’re looking forward to a great night of learning and conversation on Wednesday, June 26. We’ll be continuing our study of Matthew, looking at more teachings of Jesus as we journey with the disciples. Join us at 7:00 and take a closer walk with Christ.

Palm Sunday

On Sunday, April 14th, Holy week begins with the celebration of Jesus’ triumphal entrance into the city of Jerusalem. We’ll be remembering the story as we continue our Lenten study on forgiveness. How could things move so quickly from this tremendous celebration of Jesus on Sunday to a mob shouting for His death on Friday? The crowd in Jerusalem does what many people do in their hearts when the truth of Jesus is real in our lives. Amazingly, is the fact that Jesus is able to pray for everyone’s forgiveness as he hangs in agony on the cross. Join us as we learn from this incredible example of the power of love.


Join your friends at First Church tonight for a great time of fellowship and fun at a free, community dinner. There will be free lasagna dinner for all who attend. Come out, meet your neighbors, skip the stove, and have a good time. We’re eating at 6:00! See you then!

Ash Wednesday Service Tonight!

Have you ever wondered why people do this? What difference does it make?

Ash Wednesday begins the season of Lent. Lent marks the time that Jesus faced temptations from the devil in the wilderness before He started his public ministry. Christians observe this season by sacrificing something because Jesus fasted while he was in the desert. Rather than giving something up, others try to begin a new good habit that they’ve been hesitant to start.

Ash Wednesday begins this season. The ashes remind us that we are mortal. These human bodies will die one day. It also reminds us that we are sinners. Everyone makes choices that go against God’s will. We do things God doesn’t want us to do, and we don’t do things that God does want us to do. We may not all sin the same way, but we all sin. Confronting this reality reminds us of our need for Christ and our need to change.

We hope that you might join us tonight at 7:00 to experience how God might move in your heart.