The mission of the First United Methodist Church of Buffalo is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  There are a couple of important points to understand about this mission:

  • What does it mean to “make disciples”? Jesus had people who followed Him as he traveled around teaching and preaching. There are twelve who are commonly understood as “the disciples.” Disciple comes from a word that means student or apprentice. In the modern church, a disciple is a devoted follower of Jesus. A disciple should see him or herself in an active relationship with Jesus, learning how to live a life like Jesus lived, and supporting Jesus’ ongoing work in the world. Our purpose as followers of Jesus, both as individuals and as the First United Methodist Church of Buffalo, is to help others become disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • What does it mean to transform the world?  Everyone understands even though our world is amazing and beautiful, it also has many problems and injustices. Disciples of Jesus transform the world by helping people begin relationships with God. Once people know God, they begin to make choices that improve their lives and the lives of others. As individuals and as the church, we work to remedy social problems and injustices. Through these acts, both large and small, disciples transform the world for the better.