This site is built to help visitors know more about who we are, how we serve Jesus Christ, and how to connect with us.

First Church is a church family that seeks to share the love, hope, and joy of Jesus Christ. 

We’re group of people who love and follow Jesus. Many of us came to know God through different experiences in our lives that helped us understand that God exists and God loves us. Those experiences moved us to accept the truth of God revealed in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe that God shows everyone love in a variety of ways in our daily lives so that we can all come to love God in return.

While many of us have followed Jesus for a long time, we’re a church that welcomes people no matter where they are in their relationship with God. Some s among us aren’t sure if they believe in God at all. First Church welcomes all people, regardless of age, race, cultural background, sexual orientation, economic status, church experience, physical ability, or any other aspect of their individual story. Our greatest hope as disciples of Jesus and our mission as His church is that someone might start exploring a relationship with Jesus along with us.

We worship every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. Our church is located at 332 Baynes Street, which is at the corner Baynes Street and Potomac Avenue on the West Side of Buffalo.

Please explore the site to learn more about what we beleive and how we put it into practice. If you’d like more information about anything you see here, feel free to contact us at FirstChurch@firstumcbuffalo.org