October 17 – A Doer of the Word – “Patience”

Would you like to see God do more things in your life? Most people would like that, and so we try to force God’s hand. What if that’s backward? Maybe the key isn’t figuring out how to make God move, but rather trusting God to move when God knows it’s best. That can be a hard lesson to learn, especially for those of us who like doing things. How do we get there? Join us this week in person or live on Facebook at 11:00 AM Sunday as we talk about “Patience.” 

This Sunday’s Schedule:

10:00 AM – Sunday Bible Study – Join us for a great conversation bout how to apply lessons from the Bible to everyday life.

11:00 AM – Worship – Join us in person or check out our Facebook Live broadcast! Look for us on Facebook at FirstUMCBuffalo.