February 28 – In the Room Where It Happened – He Understands Our Betrayal 

Betrayal is a hard word. None of us sees ourselves as capable of doing it to someone at all much less to someone we would claim to love. Yet in this room on this night Jesus lets those he’s the closest to know that one of them is about to betray. Have you thought about what it would take to betray Jesus? We can often point to Judas And see him as the villain of the story. We can even look at Peter and see his denials as a sign of weakness, but what about the ways we fail to live up to our faith? how we keep our promises show our devotion and walk in the way of Jesus. 

This Sunday’s Schedule:

11:00 AM – Worship – Join us in person or check out our Facebook Live broadcast! Look for us on Facebook at FirstUMCBuffalo.