August 1 – Teach Us to Pray

Communication is a critical part of any relationship. It’s difficult to believe that people have established meaningful relationships if they don’t communicate regularly. No matter how long we’ve walked with Christ, we can still strengthen our prayer life. For the next four weeks, we’re going to be exploring prayer. We are going to learn from the best possible example, Jesus. How did Jesus pray? What can we learn from Jesus’ example of prayer that can help us grow as disciples and get closer in our relationship with God? This week our focus is on what Jesus said about prayer. If you’ve ever wondered how to enrich your prayer life, take this journey with us. Join us this Sunday for Teach Us to Pray – Part One.

This Sunday is also our worship on the lawn and church cookout Sunday! Everyone is welcome to join us for a time of fun and fellowship immediately following the worship service on the church lawn!

This Sunday’s Schedule:

10:00 AM – Sunday Bible Study – Join us for a great conversation bout how to apply lessons from the Bible to everyday life.

11:00 AM – Worship – Join us in person or check out our Facebook Live broadcast! Look for us on Facebook at FirstUMCBuffalo.